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Apache Admin is a management tool to configure Apache Web Server
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Apache Admin is a management tool to configure Apache Web Server.
This management tool allows configuring your Apache Server quickly and easily. It also allows you to adjust many parameters in an easy way. It can manage many Apache Web Servers with different versions hosted in different platforms (Linux, Windows or UNIX).
With this tool you can perform several actions. It adjusts or sets the httpd.conf file; it allows creating Virtual Host, directories and files; it allows establishing remote or local connections with Apache Web Servers through its connection wizard; its synchronizing process transfers the configuration file updated to the Apache Web Server (Not available for trial version). Besides it configures server properties like Home directory, ISAPI extensions, Documents, Custom Errors, HTTP Headers, server settings and Extended properties.
Its GUI is very intuitive, easy and user friendly. Its installation process is very easy to perform; no additional libraries or programs are required. Its documentation is completed and detailed; it offers online support and its website provides some links for FAQ or general information.
Apache Admin works on Windows platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • Apache Admin is a management tool for Apache Web Servers that makes easy the administration and configuration tasks


  • This version doesn’t work with new Apache releases like 2.2.XX or later. Trial version is limited to use some features
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